The first phone Apple was not the iPhone

Perhaps for some it will be a revelation, but the iPhone is not the first phone Apple. For many years prior to the launch of the revolutionary smartphone, the Corporation experimented with by different devices. One of these was the development of a landline phone Apple W. A. L. T. (Wizzy Active Lifestyle Telephone). A prototype of this device managed to get well-known insider Sonny Dixon. Let’s take a look at it.

Apple introduced its landline phone Apple W. A. L. T. in 1993 at MacWorld, which was held in Boston. For unknown reasons, the product never went on sale.

The prototype device is a symbiosis of tablet and phone. Already at that time (!) Apple W. A. L. T could boast advanced technologies. In the Arsenal of the device had a touchscreen display, stylus, built-in address book and Fax machine, a custom ringtone calls, caller ID, and even a function that allows to access the Bank account. Maintained and handwriting — recognition feature: all words and symbols are automatically converted into typed text. At that time nobody offered something like that.

It is noteworthy that the hardware and the software base was almost completely borrowed from the Apple laptop PowerBook 100. Gadget was working on a special version of MacOS 6. To control also used physical buttons. W. A. L. T. was designed by two companies: Apple and BellSouth — the largest telecommunications holding.

The product was really promising — but Apple suddenly decided to abandon plans to release the device. However, a few copies still hit the market. These prototypes are in great demand among collectors — for example, in 2012, a prototype W. A. L. T. was sold on eBay for 8 thousand dollars.

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