The first phone compatible with 5G of company Huawei will have a folding screen


Recently rumored that Huawei think is the other in the launch of a smart phone foldable. This was not surprising given the pace made by this company in the smartphone market to become rapidly within the first three best-selling smartphones in the world, so it was only a matter of time before we see Huawei trying to create her smart phone rollaway. Having said that, has revealed one of the executives in the company Huawei that the first smart phone from the company supports the 5G will have in fact a folding screen.

Revealed Mr. Ken Hu, a chairman of the board of Directors of the company Huawei during a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum that his company will launch the first smart phone that supports 5G in the middle of the year 2019, and it will be a folding screen.

According to Mr. Ken Hu, stated in a panel discussion by the forum economic world by saying : ” in the first smart phone won’t support 5G, we’re going to offer a folding screen “. It should be noted that the discussion of this revolved around the benefits of 5G in the short term. Was excited to speak in detail relating to this phone, but it keep Show the benefits of networks of the fifth generation and what it means the next generation of the mobile technology industry as a whole.

Operators in a few markets operate on a continuous basis to launch 5G to consumers in the next year. The company will be the Huawei one of the few companies that will launch a smartphone compatible with the 5G in the year 2019.


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