The first phone in the world with a battery 18000 Milli-amp – say goodbye to battery issues!

We recently heard about the plans of the company Avenir Telecom, the French Pay brand of mobile phones from Energizer to the category of high-end specifications and competitive through the launch of 26 new phone in the MWC conference 2019, with the latest features of modern phones from the camera pop-up and huge battery up to 18000 Milli-amp, folding screen!

Will the new phones part of four separate chains: Power Max and Ultimate and Energy and Hardcase, and the bulk of the 26 model new A phones major linear Energy and Hardcase.

But our phone today is one of the phones Power Max, specifically, the Energizer Power Max P18K controversial largest capacity card in the world, which up to 18000 Milli-amp!

The company says that the phone can trigger the music for 4 days (non-stop), or two of video or up to 50 days in standby mode to charge one battery!

The phone supports fast charging, quickly 18 watts (USB Power Delivery 2.0), which is vital to the ability of a battery of this size, you can also use the phone P18K as power for charging phones and other accessories.

As for the specifications of the phone Technical there is a front camera popup strictly 16+2 megapixel installed within the phone body, so also there are three rear cameras accurately 12+5+2 megapixel they can film 1080p video.

Needs a Energizer Power Max P18K Pop on the screen size of 6.2 inches and a resolution of 1080 pixels, which is free of extrusion thanks to the camera setup, the phone comes running Android 9 Pie of the enclosure.

As it is run by a chipset MediaTek Helio P70 coupled memory Random Access 6 GB RAM and storage capacity of 128 GB (plus a microSD slot can increase storage space).

Phone will be launched officially in the conference the MWC 2019 this month, will be available in June next to the users at a price not yet known.

Surely a phone like this would solve the problem of the battery that buys them a lot of addicts the use of smart phones, but the products of the Energizer is not available in the Arab states after the will need to buy it from abroad.

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