The first power you Wireless Fast and PD supported MFi

Old we we publish a lot of articles about products site KickStarter with some of the innovations; but to be the occurrence of obstacles and the lack of products and a lot of these innovations for a great idea won’t see the fact reduced our deployment of these products. But this house drew attention because it marked two things. First it’s from a company already specializing in board and approved by Apple and is MiPow and the second because it’s the first power bank supports charging wireless as well as fast charging technology PD and its cable is certified MFi by Apple.

أول باور بانك لاسلكي سريع و PD معتمد MFi

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Company MiPow one of the older companies working in the field of chargers and fallow the B your cable is approved by Apple already. And of course you may see that it is natural that they offer the product directly, but a site like KickStarter gives you a free product. Previously, we saw companies like Anker products. Companies have the funds already to develop and deliver the product, but why not benefit from the famous Kickstarter support for their new. This is very clear in the amount to be raised is $ 5000, which is only a pittance is extremely recommended that the goal of appearing in the Kickstarter not all of the funding but the support.

The new product comes in two versions the first is called the XS are as shown in the image to the highest as well as following a charger in my office like that.

As shown it is two parts the first part. it is a power bank supports wireless charger. The second is the charger in my office can use it to charge the power itself as well as provides a USB port so you can charge any other device.

Power you small with a capacity of 5000 mAh which is enough to charge the full whatever iPhone you are using and provide the charging port firmly 10 watts and wireless charging 5-watt. The office is also a charging port strongly 10 agreed.

The second product called the XR is featured on the sister several things. Although the XS in the iPhone is possible but here XR is the most distinctive in the beginning, comes the power B your design is similar, but with a larger capacity of 10 thousand mAh and comes cable supported Apple’s built-in comes a power you with two options:

◉ First integrated cable supports charging speed 12 and any like charger iPad fallow the you make wireless charging 5-watt traditional.

◉ The second to the provision of Port C supports fast charging of PD provided by Apple in the iPhone 8 and all the family X and the region 18 and as well as charging the radio comes strongly 7.5 watt which is the maximum speed supported by Apple devices in fast charging.

This will be the power that you in its second edition is the first power in the world that supports fast charging of PD the power of 18 Watt and at the same time charging the wireless 7.5 W.

The power that you scooped several awards in design including the Reddot 2019 is available from version cable USB C-ROM instead of cable Apple. Strange that the version of the XS or XR come with the same price which is$ 49 and you can learn more about the organization and his request from this link as well as watch the video:

What do you think about the idea of a power bank with wireless and also supports fast charging of PD’s? Share your opinion in the comments

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