The first “scooter” Android system

Maybe you’ve heard of before in the name of the company Archos as one of the well-known companies in the world of smartphones for publication phones at economical prices, but the company also issued to the organs of the movement in Europe during the last year. If you want a “scooter” powered by Android it is the latest products Archos which holds the name of the Citee Connect Web the beginning of summer at a price equivalent to 617 USD.

Comes scooter Citee Connect with wheels with a diameter of 8.5 anti-creation, the motor 150 watt, battery 36 watt. According to the company’s value will be on the car for a distance of 25 kilometers continuously in residential areas.

Revealed specifications of the scooter the first running Android also made of aluminum, and its weight is 12 kg, and supports persons weighing up to 100 kg according to official specifications last, which also indicated that it is able to reach speeds up to 22 to 25 miles per hour.

As for the technology side there is a screen between the two designers for with a diameter of 8 inch is running Android 8.0 oreo the latest version of the system months in the world. As for processing, it is equipped with quad-core processor and random memory size of 1 GB, the internal memory size of 8 GB.

During use, the screen will display the speed at which you breathe, and the distance covered, and the remaining battery. In addition, there is support for networks of 3G, so it’s possible to express support for the application of maps as Google Maps or perhaps a light version of Google Maps Go due to the small size of RAM existing. And the internal memory, we have no idea of what if I don’t use the other or wave to save the operating system only.

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