The first tests 18-core CPU Intel Core i9-9980XE. And does it make sense?

Last month Intel introduced new Core processors-X. Actually it is the same Skylake-X, only slightly higher frequencies.

Today, these CPU’s go on sale, so the Network has already appeared the first review of the new flagship of Intel Core i9-9980XE. This CPU replaced the model Intel Core i9-7980XE, and the differences between them a bit. They both have 18 cores, same amount of cache and the same TDP. Only the old model operates at frequencies of 2.6-4.4 GHz, and the new — to 3.0-4.5 GHz. The price of the novelty in this case is the same $ 2,000 that he asked for and predecessor.

So, drove the results of the tests.

In this case, not much to discuss, as simply unable to upload a large number of cores. But then — interesting.

As you can see, among this set already have apps that can use multiple cores on all cylinders. And they often Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX remains elusive for new Intel, despite the fact that he’s a couple hundred dollars cheaper. But there is still significantly more affordable Threadripper 2970WX, which is also often faster than the flagship Intel.

As for the difference between Core i9-9980XE and Core i9-7980XE, it is expected small, and sometimes negligible. Honestly, when has announced a new Core-X, I was surprised that Intel has not lowered prices, as already then it was clear that a small increase in frequency will not allow most applications to compete with Threadripper the second generation. However, the latter has a weak spot in the form of non-uniform memory access (NUMA), but it is far not in all applications.

And finally, take a look at power consumption. Let me remind you, officially at the Core i9-9980XE it is 165 watts, and Threadripper 2990WX — 250 watts. That is, the difference needs to be half.

What we have in practice, you see yourself.

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