The first things you should do when buying a new Android phone

In the following some of the first things that should be on every owner of Android did it with his when you take it out of the box. Will these small tips you get the most out of your device, from the first day.

  • Check your device

See all the refills your phone and accept everything. Review any information such as the warranty, and take note of any extras. Come to most Android phones with a SIM card, so make sure not to bother you if you wish to install a new SIM card. Maybe you’ve got a charger and maybe a fantastic set of earbuds.

  • Preset download data

Connect your phone to obtain the full charge of the battery. Will your new phone. in the next two hours.

You may also need to connect to a wireless network if available. Not all of us have internet service from the phone is unlimited, be sure that you’ll get a lot of conversions in the first day using your phone. It may not be good to start eating a monthly limit to download immediately.

  • Login to Google and allow all properties

When you run your device for the first time, will help you walkthrough guide during the setup process. Will vary it a bit from one phone to another, but one of the first things you are required to do is log in to your Google account.

You can skip this step if you want it, but I don’t recommend it strongly where it connects to login to Google on your device with a lot of other services, which is the first step towards the allocation and operation of your phone. Will activate this account on the preparation of the list of e-mail, calendar, your contacts automatically, and will prepare your phone to sync your identity across devices. It is also required to open the store Google Play.

If you own an Android device before, you’re about to see some things that will blow your mind. so that after logging in to your Google account, will connect your phone with the Google Play Store will try to download all your old apps. Before you close your eyes, you’ll turn your new device this version is faster and sleeker than your old phone.

  • Disable bloatware

Likely to have your phone with a few apps pre-installed by the manufacturer or a company Mobile, which I didn’t request it and you can’t get rid of them (unless you decide process route). Run these applications space and can slow down your phone. To increase the possibilities of your phone, you may need to get rid of these things.

After restart your phone, go to Apps menu in settings and select any pre-loaded apps on your phone. You may not be able to uninstall, but you can disable them and remove any updates, which will keep the space occupied to a minimum. Means to disable an app, you will not see it in the app drawer anymore.

Note: If this is your first use about Android phones, then you are likely that you want to make sure you will not need these applications we recommend you take a period of time to make sure that make sure of the presence or absence of stronger replacements in the App Store and Google Play.

When you move to the first settings for your device, you may be asked to register to obtain additional protection for malware or other additional services. Feel free to skip these shows where they shouldn’t be actually shopping in anything beyond your Google account during the settings.

You can set up your space and get some new applications too

I don’t mean just install your phone and all your old apps that you should continue to perform tasks the same way. Is get a new device with an excellent opportunity to kick some bad habits and start making better decisions on the application of the best or at least some of the decisions about the use of apps better.

Go to the Play Store and check out alternatives to some applications that you use. You can also try a different player or download some new games or choose a new music player. If you’re not a fan of the keyboard that have been installed on your device, you can pick up a new one like Swiftkey or Chrooma or Minuum. These pay attention to the habits of your writing and text messaging stylish.

It is also important to remember that you will need to log in to Facebook and WhatsApp and Netflix and any other services you have.

Once you have installed all applications, you can start customizing your device according to your desire. You can set the wallpapers and ringtones, as well as to customize the Home screen using shortcuts to applications and tools. Don’t forget cleaning the quick switch in notification panel and adjust the screen brightness and enable the gestures in addition to other useful features that may displayed by your device.

  • The following are some of the best sources to find some of the best applications, games and services for your new device:

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