The flagship of Samsung can surprise the quality of the camera

Samsung though is the obvious leader in quality cameras, but continues to be in the list of companies whose smartphones on the parameter stand out from the rest. However, it would be strange if the brand number one in the world had problems with the camera. However, to be in the list of the best Koreans are clearly not satisfied. The superiority of Huawei as a camera has forced Samsung to take this step. In this article we learn about what step it is.

The fact that Samsung, according to our colleagues from phonearena, wants to buy an Israeli company Corephotonics, which was founded in 2012 and has attracted $ 50 million investment. The Korean giant is planning to buy it for 150-160 million dollars. An Israeli company has 150 patents related to optical zoom in the camera.

I’m sure many of you remember technology 5x zoom which first showed the company Oppo in the framework of the exhibition MWC 2017. This year the Chinese giant will bring at MWC, the smartphone with 10x zoom. Managed to achieve such results thanks to the cooperation Oppo and Corephotonics. However, this is not the limit. In the White Paper, the company describes the latest developments, allowing to implement a 25x optical zoom with multi-frame technology, gluing the images and multi-scaling.

How the technology works?

The basic idea is to use the periscope design, which allows you to place a lens with a long focal length.

What is the result?

Buy Corephotonics can destroy the plans of the Oppo and in the same time will help Samsung continue to be the flagship devices, the main feature of which will be the optical zoom is considerably superior decisions on the market. This is the essence of progress — the big companies absorb the small, offering innovative solutions in various industries.

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