The flea — Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is almost indistinguishable from the Mi Band 4

There is a bracelet, which is called Xiaomi Mi Band. From the very beginning of its existence it has gained great popularity not only among fans of the brand, but also among those who just want to buy a cheap but more or less high-quality accessory. In General, this thing is not for everybody and personally, I never enthusiastically spoken about it, but the release of a new model every time — it’s an event. Especially given the fact that the bracelets of other manufacturers is just a dark forest naming. From Xiaomi in this regard, everything is simple and clear. That’s just new Xiaomi Mi Band 5 somehow very suspiciously like Mi Band 4. If it changed and is it worth it to buy?

This Is Ma Band 4. Fifth will be the same.

Xiaomi revealed the Mi Band 5

Many fans have been waiting for this event and waited. I am sure that those who buy each new generation of this bracelet is enough. Moreover, it is not so expensive and a few tens of dollars per year such fans of the brand is not very desolate. At the same time they get a new gadget with a new battery and fresh body. Now they have another reason to fork.

The first official image of the Mi Band 5 appeared online. It is important that it is the official image published on Xiaomi in social network Weibo.

NOT a top for your money — as MI10 dispelled the aura of nobility Xiaomi

Judging by the picture, the new generation of gadget almost nothing externally will not differ from fourth-generation tracker. It’s a little frustrating, as though to change something in the design of it’s time. Do not let that be changes the shape of the hull or fixing straps, but add some elements, like inserts or the like would be superfluous. Meanwhile, if people do not know that the picture shows a new watch, you may take them for the old gadget is, just with a shiny new straps.

The teaser Xiaomi.

Than 5 Mi Band Mi Band is different from the 4

However, a slight difference is still there. So the bracelet will get a screen slightly larger and a few new features. On the one hand, it sounds interesting, but how much more will the display that it was of fundamental importance?

If you believe the images on the Xiaomi Weibo page, the tracker will launch on June 11, exactly a day after we will see a new Z cheap OnePlus.

The picture shows the watch straps four colors: black, blue, maroon and orange.

Judging by the picture, the novelty will have the usual previous generation of the touch button under the screen. Diagonal which is not less than 1.2 inches. Also, apparently, the straps for the new tracker will come from the previous model.

L — hypocrisy. The CEO of Xiaomi has an iPhone, but hiding it

Xiaomi also mentions NFC support in its teaser in Weibo, and rumor has it that even the global version this time will get this function at the start of sales.

Of the new features confirmed the possibility of tracking activities such as yoga, rowing machines and ski jumping. The same will be monitored functions of women’s health. All this confirms earlier rumors.

The novelty will be more intelligent than the fourth generation.

Of course, the teaser for the social network is not that complete specifications, which are specified in the technical specifications, but it is a lot. And most importantly, that this is the official information, not rumors. That is, those who want to buy a new Mi Band can already understand, if he should prepare money for the next month. Although, while it is not clear whether from international sales.But, the grey dealers will surely find a way to bring us something that will be in high demand. In the end, you can always order tracker sending from China.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 — why forget about the cons?

Should I buy Xiaomi Mi Band 5

In the coming days there will be new information about what is a tracker and how it can be buy. Although I’m not in a hurry to do this and this is for several reasons.

The first of them is the fact that the new product will probably be quite expensive. It is not excluded that for this money you can buy one of the good options from Huawei or Honor. Maybe even enough for Samsung, given the pricing of the Xiaomi case Xiaomi Mi 10.

For example, XIaomi Mi Band 5 will receive a slightly larger screen. but does it really matter?

Secondly, I personally would have liked something more new and in this case, too, could be worth a look to one of the available models.

For example, the new product will actually be new features that haven’t been, and apart from the competition. Only now do they make sense if 99 percent of users still don’t even know what features they have. And if they do, then just do not use. It is enough that the bracelet vibrates on the hand, when it comes to the notice, and that it shows the time, little weight and long running on battery.

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Exactly the same can make and other competing trackers. Even those who cannot boast that they have the ability to track the jumping. More than that I say! Even Apple Watch users use only the basic functions. Few draws out the maximum potential of the gadget. So maybe better then to try something new? Although, of course, everyone will choose for himself. Just personally, I would like to have something new. Maybe the company is simply afraid to lose with the new design?

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