The former Director of the British Visa will be headed by cryptocurrency startup

In late April, a top Manager with the wall Street Alice Haas became the financial Director of the exchange Coinbase. Informed marketplace hired multiple Bank employees, so the transition frames from the usual financial institutions in the cryptocurrency becoming a trend. Now the former head of the British division of the Visa mark O’brien headed CryptoStream Crypterium, writes Cointelegraph.

The development of cryptocurrencies. The banking sector helps

Crypterium founded last year, the company has already attracted $ 52 million in ICO. The project is working on creating a simple method of payment for goods and services using cryptocurrency.

Today the main problem of cryptocurrency — scope. Coins are hard to use for payment of goods and services. If you decide to change your bitcoins or esters for Fiat, you will need between three to seven days in order to get the money to your Bank account. We want to make it so that consumers can pay for purchases directly with bitcoin.

In the future Crypterium intends, in partnership with Visa and MasterCard to release cryptocurrency of the card linked to the wallet. Transaction will be held for “a split second”, promise in the company.

This prospect sounds doable, with regard to O’brien, the newspaper notes. A startup can be useful in countries with high inflation such as Argentina and Turkey, said a top Manager.

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