The founder of EOS threatening to “break” Bitcoin and Ethereum. Is such a scenario possible?

Cryptosporidial Dan Larimer made an unexpectedly strong statement to the community of Bitcoin and Ethereum. According to the founder Steemit and decentralized platform EOS, his project could “easily” bypass the two largest of the blockchain. He told about it during another altercation in social networks.

The infamous Larimer asserts that network of the Bitcoin and Everyime vulnerable, and he can “incapacitate their decentralized mining-structure in the presence of relatively small resources”. Apparently, the owner tried to fend off the attacks of the proponents of decentralization, who accused the EOS in the lack of security and lack of transparency.

How many people are you going to keep the hostage and censor the transaction in their “decentralized” chains? Then how long will it take to rehab? …I could put it [Bitcoin and Ethereum] the end with just 3 operators of pools.

But Larimer has not provided any calculations or any reasoned reasons why he even started the topic of the attack on blackany. He asked the logical question of why he still didn’t, if it’s so simple. Larimer replied immediately: “it’s illegal”.

As previously reported by the resource Bitcoinist, last year information about the cost of the attack 51 percent on various blackany provoked a mixed reaction from the community. And although in respect of small coins such action is feasible, for the enslavement of Bitcoin and Ethereum, it is hardly possible to do a rental the hash capacity of some NiceHash.

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Even the researchers have repeatedly notedthat for large cryptocurrency is a large pool of miners and computing power. It is important to consider at least the fact that Bitcoin has already passed that milestone, when the attack on him will cost more than the benefit that the attackers will be able to subsequently. More data look at cryptodata.

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