The founder of Huawei based on any action revenge against Apple in China

In the shadow of the current problem between the United States and Huawei started a lot of campaigns, people in China call to boycott Apple America and of China as a measure of revenge as the recent U.S. sanctions.

The founder of Huawei Ren Zhengfei in conducted a dialogue with the site Bloomberg Economic asked about the subject of the reply of the Chinese force on America through tougher measures against Apple but confirmed Ren Qing it would be against these measures.

He added This will not happen and if happens, I will be the first opponents on that, Apple is the leading company, without Apple we wouldn’t have smart phones and discover the beauty of this world, Apple is the teacher why the students relying on their teacher, if it wasn’t Apple have not done all this.

As for the remarks Trump has confirmed Ren Cheng in he won’t want it because it’s funny, stressing that the United States not to attack Huawei if in the ass but the current attack on the company because we evolved so much.


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