The founder of Huawei confirms prepared the company well for the administration

He pointed Ren Zhengfei, CEO and founder of Huawei that the company is well prepared resolutions and restrictions the administration imposed on the Huawei.

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Came the statements of the CEO of Huawei for comment on the developments of the current crisis with the American administration and the Prohibition of U.S. companies from dealing with Huawei and on top of Google, where he confirmed the Ren Zhengfei that Huawei is well prepared to U.S. restrictions on the company, he also stressed that the period of the exemption up to 90 days do not represent something of Huawei.

I have noted previous reports that Huawei has already stored the ingredients sufficient for up to 3 months in the framework of the readiness of the company to hold the possible sanctions of the US administration, also commented on the decision of Qualcomm, Intel, to stop the supply of Huawei’s chip, and that both companies have sought to resolve this crisis before the announcement, also stressed the gratitude of Huawei efforts of American companies in an attempt to lift the ban on Huawei.

From another side confirmed the chief executive of Huawei on the company’s perception of the importance of the ingredients that you get from corporate America, he also noted that Huawei will always need to the slides that have been developed in the United States, he added that the conflict with the American administration and it is a reality that cannot be avoided.

Recall that Huawei has in the current time period of exemption for a period of 90 days during which to get the update of the software, while you need to have a permit from the administration at the outset to buy the hardware configurations of their own, only to services the company is willing temporarily, in the end.


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