The founder of Huawei defended Apple in front of the Chinese

The sanctions that the U.S. imposed on Huawei, depriving her of the opportunity to cooperate with American corporations, led to unexpected consequences. Moreover, that jeopardized the business of Huawei, and Apple was faced with a boycott of their products by the local population that decided to Express solidarity with local production. But Ren Zhengfei, Huawei’s founder and longtime fan of Apple technology, made it clear that this is not the best way.

Zhengfei does not allow the possibility that Apple will be banned in China out of revenge. According to him, what happened with Huawei, will definitely hit her, but this blow will not be enough to break a company and ruin her business. Therefore, says Zhengfei, it would be foolish to begin to take revenge on the company that is not happening irrelevant.

Apple vs Huawei

“First, no restriction [on the sale of Apple technology in China] will not be promised a top Manager in a Bloomberg interview. – And, secondly, if that happens, I’ll be the first to oppose [such measures]. Apple is my teacher. And how can a student go against his teacher? Never.”

According to Janvey, the main task of Huawei now is to try to find a way out of the situation. Boycott Apple products and especially the ban its sales in China will not help Huawei to “fix the plane, which must not fall at any cost.”

Whether to ban Apple in China

It is very gratifying to hear so sensible thoughts from a man who really has power and influence. However, seriously believe that the Chinese government could ban the sale of Apple technology, it would be more than naive. The fact that the Chinese economy is largely dependent on Apple, which not only provides thousands of Chinese work, but also replenish the country’s budget by millions of dollars in tax deductions. Agree, it’s silly to kill the goose that lays you Golden eggs.

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