The founder of Huawei suffer retribution from Apple

مؤسس هواوي يعارض الانتقام من شركة آبلthe founder of Huawei suffer retribution from Apple

He said the founder of the Huawei company and its CEO (Ren Zheng) in a press statement transferred by the agency Bloomberg News, it’s suffering to wait for the Chinese government to buy it in person to Apple us.

The U.S. administration has banned the works of Huawei, because of fears of trade envelope he coordinates the trade war between the United States and China, which is what drove Google to pull the license of the Android system and applications of the company of Huawei.

While the government didn’t want Chinese yet officially confirmed reports that the continuation of this situation will benefit the company Huawei at least half the numbers of their sales until the end of next year.


He assured the founder of Huawei is to respond in Chinese on Apple TV not going to happen first and foremost, the event will be the first opponents to the resolution in this framework .

He added that the company will intensify its supply of the chips or they will find alternatives for development in the field of smart phones and fifth-generation.

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