The founder of OnePlus wanted zatrollit Xiaomi, but were trapped

Remember that a bad surveythat Xiaomi would prefer never to publish? Funny, but the co-founder of the Chinese company OnePlus decided to poke fun at competitors, published the results of a similar poll where members said that other things being equal prefer the shell OxygenOS clean version of Android.


Despite the fact that the survey was initiated by the fan of smartphones OnePlus, not the representatives of the brand for Android One voted only 23% of respondents, while Carl Pei pointedly asked the author not to remove the poll. Thus a top-the Manager apparently decided to emphasize the popularity of the original firmware, alluding to the recent failure of Xiaomi.


Interestingly, some time later, the results of voting has changed dramatically with the advantage in favor of Android One. For a clean version of the operating system was 58 percent, while OxygenOS the voice was given by only 42%. By the way, the percentage of the result proved even worse than Xiaomi with its MIUI. Checkmate, Carl Pei!

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