The founder of Telegram urging users to delete WhatsApp

Urged Pavel Durov. Parel Durov, the founder of messaging app encrypted Telegram Telegram, the people on the deleted application WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, unless they were reconciled. with the idea of constant surveillance.

He said Durov.: don’t fail the application WhatsApp protect messages of its users, but it is used constantly as a Trojan horse to spy on the content of the users of WhatsApp, including photos saved on their phones.

Added ROI through the watch through the channel on the Telegram up by 335 thousand follow-up to “you have to delete WhatsApp from your phone right now, but in case you are comfortable with the idea of becoming all your photos and letters public one day”.

Recall that the base users of the Telegram up to about 200 million monthly active users, compared to 1.6 million users of WhatsApp, but Telegram, perhaps because of its size, is not subject to the same intrusions and violations of security known to significantly such as WhatsApp.

Making Pavel Durov. a name for himself because of his challenge to police investigators the Russians when they asked for the keys to the security to decrypt the messages on the phone belongs to the person involved in the bombing of a metro station in Saint Petersburg in 2017.

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Praised the users of the Telegram with the position of Pavel Durov. against the authorities, therefore, it is no wonder that uses Pavel rear doors, newly discovered in the WhatsApp as a means of pursuing rival trade, in many ways, rival ideological.

Recall that the application WhatsApp was urged users this week to update to the latest version of the app after the discovery of the security hole again, allow hackers access to the messages people if they watched a video adverse with people on the app.

Explained Facebook they fixed the problem this week, but it warned that the vulnerability may impact on people using the older version of the app.

In this aspect, said the founder of the Telegram: it was the Facebook part of the surveillance programs long before its acquisition of WhatsApp, and it is naive to believe that it will change its policies after the acquisition, which provides a permit to the founder of WhatsApp in 2018 on a deal to sell the app for Facebook, where he said: I sold the privacy of users.

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