The founder of the Shao my surprise everyone with a phone company rollaway

Video new, reveals through him the president and founder of the company, Shao my, Lin between, on the newer phone from the company, which is characterized as shown in the video that he’s folding.

Phone Shawty rollaway

It seems that competition will in the next period, between a range of phones featuring the viability of their folding, while watching everyone phones Samsung and Huawei which are expected to carry that water, came the turn of the Shao be on the latest phones folding, in the video of his hero is the founder and president of the Chinese company famous, and business knowledge, Lin between.

Not sure even now, if the version of this video has happened intentionally or it was leaked, but it illustrates the ultimate enjoyment phone Shaw House the property stunning referred to but somehow very different, as glimpse the ability of the phone to fold up using the wrinkles apparent in the source, which suggests that the device used here is just a prototype.

The article reveals about the Browse lane between the development of private videos, before the folds of the screen that perhaps of 3:2 to the back, then surprised the front is back to the correct width, it looks like it took a lot of efforts to achieve, by Android.

Release date mystery

Facing the likes of this sacred plant since its appearance, where it looked through his phone Shawty perspective it works efficiently, even with the leadership of the Lin ventricles of fear, as showing the presence of power button of your phone at the top, while the situation of the vertical “Portrait”, which is interesting also.

Perhaps the most important thing, which didn’t disclose the video about, is the release date of your phone Shawty folding, however, the appearance of wrinkles in the phone of the user in the video, suggest that the company is Shawty still needed a lot of work and time, even go out will not phone ready to break into the global market aggressively, especially in light of the fierce competition that awaits him with the companies Samsung and Huawei, to name a few.

In the end, waiting to witness the next period the emergence of a lot of phones collapsible, you see who will be the lead among them?!

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