The free VPN Services sell user data to third parties


Appeared the past few years a large collection of free VPN Services provide users a better option to maintain privacy without the need for subscription fees periodically, but the study of modern security revealed that some of those services sell user data to third parties as a way to finance its operations.

Check the site the best vpn privacy policies for a range of months providers the free VPN Services which showed some of the months names such as Betternet
Opera VPN , HotSpot Shield, Psiphon they are able to sell users ‘ data to third parties to target their advertisements.

He cited a list of top VPN Services that it can sell users ‘ data, namely:

Opera VPN
HotSpot Shield
Onavo Protect

The site also mentioned that many of the sponsors of the free VPN Services don’t have a high level of transparency about the way the financing of their services and their source, especially if there aren’t any ads to appear while browsing.

It confirms that most of the VPN services Free sell user data to companies connected to it or to any other party able to pay.

It went some services more than that, where the practices like injecting ads or change the user’s path and direct it to certain sites they have to deal with it.

And diversified data collected by service users, whether public data anonymous does not define his character, or specific data such as e-mail.

As you can see from the list including some big names that have hundreds of millions of users, and other less risky or maybe not known significantly. What interested me actually is a service Psiphon revenues annual financial millions of dollars in spite of the lack of display ads.

In conclusion, the site advised using VPN Services driven to take advantage of the protection of full privacy without restricting the size of the design or display advertising or leak user data.

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