The front camera is a mess S10 “disappear” during the presentation of the videos!

In early November, Samsung has announced about 4 screens coming in by air its future, and since then most of the leaks claim that the Galaxy S10 will be used to screen Infinity-O, which features pierce the top of the screen includes the front camera.

I’ve alreadymocked Samsung Note iPhone X, which obscures part of the content displayed, which seems to be the same case with camera hole front -with a difference the size of the screen part of the lump – but a new report claims that the course mg.

According to ITHome, the Korean, the user interface in the Galaxy S10 will be “rate and a number of ways” to design the screen with the camera; add Be interface elements such as icons, notification and status bar, Samsung is working on a ploy to hide by the front camera while running a video.

A large proportion will not be Samsung solution depends on the Gear otherwise there was no need for the screen to Infinity-O, So the solution will depend on the software, as the formulation of the source -if it’s true – it would be different for an option to hide the sheet border in many phones today.

What remains to be done by Samsung a few months to implement the stratagem of “software” if possible, where we wait for the arrival of the Galaxy S10 late February 2019, according to reports.

Source: Phonearena

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