The FTC’s investigation in violation of the YouTube platform to the peculiarities of children through the application YouTube Kids

 FTC تحقق في انتهاك منصة يوتيوب لخصوصيات الأطفال عبر تطبيق يوتيوب كيدز

The company seeks technical and predominantly to take advantage of user data for multiple purposes and by means, inter alia, What is authorized and another without the user being aware, when we talk about this, not Google, not the top of the list where the platform is the YouTube of the most important tools to do this.

In order to subdue the companies to ensure their commitment to the laws entrusted to the protection of the rights of data users are not concerned the imposition of quotas to control them.

In this connection revealed to the press the New York Times as well as Washington Post about the happenings of achieving the body of Commerce regarding violations of the do YouTube peculiarities of the children, so that they collect information about children under the age of eighteen through the application of its For Kids YouTube Kids.

Where the report shows that the beginning of the breach YouTube the law to protect the privacy of children is due for 2015, with orientation to achieve the body is almost done with the possibility of imposing a fine on the company or a settlement that ensures the protection of children as the solution may include all solution in terms of the fine tolerance.

Declined YouTube comment on the news either deny or confirm its vulnerability to investigation by the FTC for these violations, was that the FTC did not fall is the other make any official statement in this regard.

And usually these report news, they are often real, but seeking parties lack experience with the tap and press until they are broadcast to the topic once and for all.

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