The full file of the phone which is beyond competition and the remote .. for OPPO Reno 10x Zoom

Managed company OPPO to draw the attention of the technical community the recent entry by force to the markets of the region, namely when introduced officially phone cutting-edge smartphone for OPPO Reno 10x Zoom in Dubai. And here’s the full review and full phone new.

  • Product specification
  • Design
  • Photography
  • Performance and trade
  • Specifications

Smartphone beyond the competition and remote .. comprehensive review for OPPO Reno 10x Zoom

Posted by Aitnews on Thursday, May 23, 2019

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A summary of the product specification

  • Phone Reno 10x Zoom is equipped with three cameras, the background; the camera with a 48 megapixel, camera close to accurately 13 megapixel camera with wide angle accurately 8 megapixel, and supports the advantages of zoom hybrid, and installation optical double, and night ultra-high precision Ultra Night Mode 2.0, and put photography color Dazzle Color and export the video in 4K.
  • Phone Reno cameras the background; the camera with a 48 megapixel (sensor IMX 586) resolution camera 5 megapixel; and which provide images of high purity and accurately 48 megapixel.
  • Phone Reno 10x Zoom comes with OLED compared to 6.6 inches (phone Reno comes with a OLED 6.4 inches), made the previous generation of Gorilla Glass from the company Corning, which provides screen panoramic complete, accurate FHD+ and the ratio of screen-to-body 93.1%.
  • Hides the structure of the axial slider front camera, flash, headphones ear; enabling the possibility to run full screen.
  • The structure of the phone is smooth with no slots on the back, the camera the background is fully hidden under the rear cover. The color of two overlapping two new illusion of a green ocean and black ankle boots.
  • The front camera accurately 16-megapixel camera support lighting front smooth, high-definition pictures backlit.
  • Phone Reno 10x Zoomمدعوم processor Snapdragon 855, technique HyperBoost 2.0, and one ColorOS 6 of the OPPO which combine together to provide an enjoyable experience for the customer.
  • Used to group Reno charging technology VOOC 3.0 flash batteries, large capacity (comes phone Reno 10x Zoom battery 4065 MA comes phone Reno battery 3765 MA), which prolongs battery life.
  • Phone Reno 10x Zoom and a telephone Reno work one ColorOS 6, a user interface, the rate of new building on Android-P (Android 9.0) and enhance the design of new visual. Also the interface ColorOS 6 support services for OPPO Cloud, put the Cycling, the voice assistant is intelligent and other advantages.


Have been using several sophisticated techniques for a new generation of young panoramic

  • Larger screens broaden the range of your vision: comes phone Reno 10x Zoom and a telephone Reno screen and OLED compared to 6.6 inches and 6.4 inches, in order, accurately 2340×1080, ratio of length to width 19.5:9 and the edges very thin. This nurses design provides a display by up to 93.1% of the body of the device.
  • Enriches the color gamut of DCI-P3 content: phone screen Reno 10x Zoom and a telephone Reno their 3 key features are; the rich colors, along with reducing harmful blue light and efficient in power consumption. Rich colors: the lighting of the screen the new (E2) screen colors movie (DCI-P3). Reduce harmful blue light: used the screen technique the faint blue light, and test eye care from TÜV Rheinland. Energy efficiency: reduce use of raw materials E2 of the new tea consumption of energy by 8%.
  • The camera combines the slider pivot between stylish design and cutting-edge technology. Uses both phone Reno 10x Zoom and a telephone the Reno unit of the sliding axis of which hide the front camera earpiece and flash front and back; provides full screen enjoy its beauty and elegance. When you capture the image arrangement unit in 0.8 seconds at an angle of 11 degrees maximum. Order of the unit quickly goes down to her slowly and automatically after use, is what makes the whole process seem natural and more elegant. In addition, the camera unit Pivotal characterized by the high quality and dependable. The unit has been successful in the drop test of 200,000 times, and monitors the phone automatically allows it to reverse automatically to its position in the case of the fall of the phone.
  • A fingerprint scanner is hidden Fingerprint Unlock 2.0: group Reno from OPPO support scanner fingerprint hidden Fingerprint Unlock 2.0, which reflect the footprint of the sensor through technology self lighting OLED self-lighting, what allows to recognize the footprint while maintaining the high ratio of screen to phone body. It uses scanner fingerprint Fingerprint Unlock 2.0 drop light compensatory, which could come back strictly for lighting is equal resulting from the structure of the optical group of the lens, so that the brightness of the entire area equal to pick up photo prints at a higher resolution. Considers the success rate of fingerprint sensor hidden Fingerprint Unlock 2.0 is higher by 20-30% than the previous generation, and that the speed of unlocking the phone is higher by 28.5%.
  • The screen lasts for a longer time to use the previous generation of Gorilla Glass Company Corning: group Reno from OPPO comes equipped with the previous generation of Gorilla Glass Company of Corning most durable.

Uniform structure, neat colors low three-dimensional

  • The structure of the flowchart but no slots on the back or front of the phone: it was designed and rear cameras, set the Reno innovative to be hidden under the rear glass. Been refined to open camera Nano three times for 80 minutes, and the back of the phone is a perfect piece of the fifth generation of the Gorilla Glass three-dimensional. Plus designed cameras range Reno, you’ll be wearing it in the middle of the device, to give the user a sense of integration.
  • Gradient colors inspired by nature: come group Reno with low two green ocean and black ankle boots. Both are inspired by nature and allows to focus light colors on your phone.
  • Glass glossy gradient: color black ankle comes to the surface of the glossy. To obtain the 3 forms of texture has been refined surface and transfer the lines to the laser; but in the similar pattern where they overlap several different forms with each other. Been making style through the process of coloring the multi-faceted, to help accentuate the color flowing.
  • One piece of glass to finish two: the green color of the ocean surface blur, which prevents the unique sense of the passage of light through the fog. Has worked for OPPO in providing soft texture and matte on a piece of glass one for the first time in the industry, through the processes of finishing touch partial to the matte AG and refinement of the chemical sides.


Created more with the first camera system with complete coverage of the focal length of the OPPO

  • The combination of lenses triangular background covering all angles of photography: telephone Reno 10x Zoom contains three rear cameras; the main camera is strictly 48 megapixel, camera with wide angle accurately 8 megapixel camera close to accurately 13 megapixel; what covers scenery photography wide angle, photography night, photography approximate the extreme conditions of the other imaging.
  • Ensure the camera accurately 48 megapixel points of the picture in the Times of the day and night: the camera accurately to 48-megapixel and the phone two contains the sensor Sony IMX586, open the lens to F1.7 size Large (1⁄2-inch) improves the ability of the sensor light needed to capture images clearer.
  • Camera wide-angle expansion of the angle of imaging: phone Reno 10x Zoom has the camera at an angle of 120 ° is too wide, which can provide a broader perspective to configure the image capture wider field of view than can be seen by the human eye.
  • Three focus modes for different circumstances: added color coding in the telephone Reno 10x Zoom based on the contrast detection auto focus, and the focus detection progress PDAF; ensures a sharper focus faster in low light conditions. Because of the presence of conditions of the focus hybrid and closed-loop VCM can phone Reno 10x zoom focus quickly and accurately in various shooting conditions.

Zoom hybrid 10x with full coverage of the focal length of 16 the MM

  • Zoom hybrids 10x: the development of the camera system three phone Reno 10x Zoom to hold the camera, wide-angle main camera high-definition camera close; what is entitled to cover its real length is focal length fully, ensure the high accuracy of the photo are far-reaching. Cameras three work in conjunction to achieve maximum benefit to each respectively, and improve the image quality in the different ranges of zoom to achieve the zoom hybrid 10x. It uses the phone Reno 10x Zoom fusion technology to ensure a smooth transition between cameras three during the zoom operation.
  • Precision compact and innovative design to provide the camera module high: to control the thickness of the unit lenses, used telephoto lens phone Reno 10x Zoom structure organization of the horizon (Rico), what contributed in the change the order of the group of lenses from the vertical to the horizontal and solve the problem of the sky brilliantly through the perspective of the special optical. In addition, through the programme d-cut slicing specific forms of work can provide the space and let the aperture close access to f/3.0. Share camera the main camera and wide-angle in the same engine the focus. Compared to design a dual engine, the structure of the organization, the horizon a telephoto lens uses a distance of less than 13%; what had allowed the camera module with a thickness of 6.67 mm only.
  • Optical image stabilizer double: feature main camera in the phone Reno 10x Zoom with OIS Optical Image Stabilization and also the camera telephoto. Design ensures excellent system installation Capture phone Reno 10x Zoom for high-precision repeat 10x easily.
  • Night Mode Ultra Ultra Night Mode 2.0: through this mode you can set Reno improved artificial intelligence, the accuracy of HDR and noise reduction frames multi to achieve a number of effects such as noise reduction, installation manual, remove the confusion and dynamic range, enabling users to achieve the level of brightness and the details are typically beyond the ability of the human eye. It is the main advantages of no face protection. When you pick a picture of someone at night, can phone Reno 10x Zoom face recognition automatically from the background, and provide special protection for a profile, ensures that shows the color of the skin all flushed and your profile picture more attractive.
  • Shooting mode-color Dazzle color: put the Dazzle color is a smart solution to the formation of plaque, which promotes artificial intelligence to determine the specific problems to restore the information of brightness and color, then uses an algorithm to determine the color level of pixels to reconstruct the colors of the scene accurately, what makes the picture color appears more vibrant and natural.
  • Portrait art from OPPO: portrait (personal photo) from OPPO that combines a number of improvements to health, colors, strobe effects and a number of other advantages, which can help users capture photos like a professional photo easily.
  • Filming 4K video and run video, with sound quality and outstanding
  • Shooting video in 4K and focus the sound, for the registration of the reality of each moment: the phone supports Reno 10x Zoom export in 4K up to 60 frames per second, which is capable of still image capture and one through the technique of optical image stabilization. Also, the phone needs Reno 10x Zoom on the technology of focus images, which are used several mics on the phone to record ambient sounds 360 degrees, allowing sound recording and retrieve accurately, to achieve synchronization between sound and image.
  • Speakers to with Dolby Atmos, offering you the experience of a movie theater. mobile: if you run a video clip on phone Reno 10x Zoom will give the speaker the chair at the bottom of the phone, speakerphone, secondary top of the phone at the same time, to assess the effect of stereo sound and you can experience the sound impressive. Phone Reno 10x Zoom with Dolby Atmos, allowing you to experience while watching your favorite movies.

Camera cosmetic accurately 16 megapixel artificial intelligence

  • Camera cosmetic artificial intelligence to make photo selfie the most beautiful: come group Reno from the OPPO with the front camera accurately 16 megapixel girl lens F2.0, What can she capture all the details of your face.
  • Front light dim makes The Shape of the skin looks very natural when you capture selfies in low light: front camera with light is dim, and when taking selfies in dim light, you add light automatically.
  • The configuration for the backlit allows in Porter Scenes Explained: used to set the Reno algorithm customized for the backlit building on previous generations of cameras cosmetic artificial intelligence. Focusing on the correct lighting effect on the face and improve the balance and shades of gray for the face and other other problems; so that you can achieve layer best when shooting with back lighting and take pictures of the scenery are clear.

Performance trade:

Smooth performance and user experience

  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855: phone Reno 10x Zoom powered by a processor Snapdragon 855, and the telephone Reno is equipped with a processor Snapdragon 710. Processors the latest to ensure a smooth experience.

Technology VOOC 3.0 with battery great, battery lasts for longer

  • Technology VOOC 3.0, the company’s fastest: updated technology for OPPO safe and fast. Can provide VOOC 3.0 new maintain high voltage during the charging interval, granted to technology VOOC 3.0 with battery phone Reno 10x Zoom with a capacity of 4065 mAh (comes phone Reno with a battery capacity 3765 Ma) users longer battery life.

The Global Positioning System GPS binary translation offers navigation and more accurate positioning

  • Phone Reno 10x Zoom equipped with GPS system GPS dual-frequency (L1+L5), what features provided the most accurate on the GPS. Is the use of frequency L5 to ensure the accuracy of the signal and the precision in positioning; the frequency of L1 is used to pick up signals quickly and save time. GPS dual-frequency takes precise positioning and energy consumption in mind, to rap the top and provides energy.

Experience the most enjoyable and easiest to play

  • Technical HyperBoost 2.0: used to set the Reno Technology HyperBoost 2.0, with the advantages of Framoboost وTouchboost, and analyses of private standards improved to deal with the expectations game and the problems associated with touch sensitivity. Based on the scenarios play intense well-known, it is used Framoboost to detect the state of the cache for the graphics core of the system in real-time. If there was a warning to stop it allocates resources automatically in a timely manner to meet the requirements of performance, improves the frame rate of the game and stability.
  • The multiple ways to verify the heat gives increased temperature of the phone while running games: the phone uses the Reno 10x Zoom three ways to get rid of heat of sheets of graphite, and the cooling pipe and the copper, and convection; therefore, control the temperature of the phone effectively. And even while playing games for long periods, will overheat the phone. Phone uses Reno three layers of sheets of graphite heat tempering of the phone faster and evenly.
  • The system of promotion the games: when you run the Games system can enhance games to make the safety message notifications appear in a transparent manner, and reduces the time it appears on the screen to provide the county by notices. It also supports shortcuts to operations, such as blocking notifications, and multitasking speed, capture image screen recording screen; what ensures not to interrupt your enjoyment while playing.
  • Blocking noise: typically allows users two types of sounds when playing games, the first is the whistling sound of two people in a voice call, the second is the sound of clicking fingers on the screen. To mobilize these two sounds, the group Reno used technology to reduce noise in microphones multi.
  • Technical Game shock: telephone Reno 10x Zoom with motorized horizontal and generate feedback and more realistic effects of vibration more accurately in comparison with your linear longitudinal and rotor. When you play driving the linear motor horizontal issue the effects of the different vibrations through a certain algorithm, based on the various sound effects that occur in the game scenes. This oscilloscope gives users the experience of the game more realistic.



Phone for OPPO Reno 10x Zoom

Phone for OPPO Reno

The screen

OLED screen compared to 6.6-inch 2340×1080, dimensions 19.5:9, screen the panoramic, glass Gorilla Glass 6

OLED display 6.4 inches with a resolution of 2340 x 1080, dimensions 19.5:9, screen the panoramic, glass Gorilla Glass 6


Green ocean, black ankle

Light pink, dark purple

Rear camera

Camera with a 48 megapixel (sensor IMX 586)+ camera close to accurately 13 megapixel+ camera wide angle accurately 8 megapixel, and zoom hybrid 10x, optical image stabilization and dual, portrait Art, Night Mode Ultra Ultra Night Mode 2.0, monitor colors, video recording 4K

Camera with a 48 megapixel (sensor IMX 586)+ 5MP camera, the portrait Art, Night Mode Ultra Ultra Night Mode 2.0, monitor colors, video recording 4K

The front camera

Camera accurately 16 megapixel girl lens F/2.0, developed portraiture Portrait Mode 2.0, soft lighting.

Basic hardware

Snapdragon processor 855


Memory Rom: 256 GB

Battery: 4065 Ma

External memory

Snapdragon processor 710

RAM 6 or 8 GB

Rom memory: 128 or 256 GB

Battery: 3765 Ma


(According to market)

4G/4G+: network TD-LTE, LTE FDD




WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

Bluetooth 5.0

Port Type-c

WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

Bluetooth 5.0

Port Type-c

Earphone port 3.5 mm

Operating system

System ColorOS 6 (Android P)


VOOC 3.0

Other advantages

A fingerprint scanner is hidden Fingerprint Unlock 2.0

Sensors: sensor, magnetic sensor, optical sensor, distance, gyroscope, gravity sensor, Proximity sensor, the place to buy the two Nano-SIM

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