The full version of Photoshop coming revelation of the iPad in the next year


According to a new report released recently from the website of Bloomberg, it appears that Adobe has decided to make a big change in its strategy and launch the full version of Photoshop inspiration of iPad. In an interview with the site, stated the principal products of the Adobe Creative Cloud, Mr. Scott Belsky said :

” My ambition is to bring this to market as soon as possible. There are a lot of things required to take the product of sophisticated and powerful such as Photoshop and make it work on a modern device such as iPad. We need to bring our products to this era of cooperative first on the cloud “.

Adobe currently owns the application Photoshop Express on the tablet the iPad. Will you release a new ” full ” to modify your creativity on your iPad. According to Scott Belsky, the customers in the media and entertainment are working increasingly on tablet devices instead of desktop computers, and they asked the company the possibility of making ” quick adjustments ” on their creative projects.

Adobe plans to reveal the full version of Photoshop for iPad in the innovation conference the annual MAX to be held in the month of October next note that there are sources stating that there will be some delay, which may cause failure to launch the app until next year.

Not offer Adobe any assurance on the model of iPad that will be supported, but we expect to be support for your iPad Pro current. We will have to wait for official confirmation from Adobe on the support of the iPad Pro the original, and iPad 2018 with the new processor Apple A10 which supports digital pen Apple Pencil.


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