The future has arrived. Parents collect the child at the College in the form of Bitcoin donations

Despite the fact that the baby is only a week old, Isabella Bowles has already shown great promise. Born on 6 Jan child ever grow up, I will be able to go to College thanks to the efforts of parents, Violetta and Peter. And the fee for the training will be conducted in what many consider the future of money – into bitcoins.

We urgently need donors of bitcoins – child for College it is reported that such an announcement in the Times looks a little strange against the background of other reports in newborns, weddings and obituaries. Attracts the attention of a black frame with a laconic but vigorous header Bitcoin Baby, which in the end gives the address a Bitcoin wallet of 33 characters 1ZAB5XeKMdvax2S8eZT7GQ6Nj4xjbsw1y. By the way, the wallet address actually starts with the initials of the baby “1ZAB”.

It seems that parents are well informed about the crypt, just decided to place an ad in the same newspaper where Satoshi Nakamoto took the title of the article of January 3, 2009. Its Creator first cryptocurrency encoded in the Genesis block of Bitcoin. Recall, January 3, 2019 Bitmex rented in this same newspaper a u-turn, dedicating its 10-year anniversary of Bitcoin.

Although the family Bowles is not the first who tries to arrange the future of your child through donations, the approach they are definitely fresh. By the way, even if the original ad was intended as a joke, over the last few days on these purse it’s 159 transactions totaling 1.03912553 3734 BTC or USD at today’s exchange rate. Since the average cost of a 4-year study in a British University costs about 52 thousand dollars, we can assume that the Fund Isabella has collected 7 percent. And there was plenty of time.


However, given how difficult it is to enter addresses manually, there are suspicions that the transaction is likely to go through sources on the Internet and not Times. More data look at cryptodata.

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