The future of the market of vacuum cleaners rich in techniques

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Growing demand for vacuum cleaners household over the past few years as a result of increasing attention to health and hygiene in the home, no vacuum cleaner just a marvel of Modern to show off, but it has become a necessity in every home that seeks to healthy life.

Experienced the technique of vacuum cleaners in recent years important progress, increased focus on the development of the next generation of vacuum cleaners smart Wireless to improve the user experience and clean the floor to work the mechanism free of the.

And vacuum cleaners today’s smart to include the accounts of the filters and measurements the quality of the ground sensors of the battery, which combine to leave many other technological advances, and leads the growing interest by following a more sustainable life to increase demand for vacuum cleaners with high efficiency in energy consumption.

Company expects global industry analysts market research to size up the world market for brooms home to 11.4 million by the year 2020, revealed a research published by Euromonitor international for the increase in consumer demand for vacuum cleaners empty the bag, especially in the Middle East and Africa, and leads the progress in the technique of air purification and high rates of asthma in the region to rising sales of approved products in accordance with the standards of filtration, H. E. P. A. HEPA filter, the focus on the sustainability aspect to stimulate the growth of sales of vacuum cleaners to energy-saving to a greater degree.

Said Mr. Yong-Geun Choi, President of LG Electronics Gulf: “Want today’s consumers use vacuum cleaners work at any place and available time, and leads the rapid progress of technical innovations used in vacuum cleaners to enhance the ease of use, the LED Industrial transformation of the growing and active lifestyles have increased the demand on the cleaning methods are the fastest and most efficient in the region, as the modalities of the conventional cleaning time is longer, and requires more effort, the increased awareness of the benefits of Health for the use of vacuum cleaners developed to increase the demand for them, and develop those cleaners constantly adds to more technologies and innovative features and that’s why we find demand on vacuum cleaner wireless innovative on the market today”.

According to market research firm I. H. S. Marquette, cordless vacuum cleaners currently on 30 percent of the market of vacuum cleaners global, sales rose LG vacuum cleaners by 20 percent annually, and is expected to lead to new models to increase the sales of the cordless vacuum cleaners.

Back drag force weak and short battery life the widespread and rapid for vacuum cleaners of the Treaty on the batteries, but the latest lineup of LG found the perfect solution to these two problems in the market of vacuum cleaners.

To meet the growing demand from customers of the LG in the Middle East and Africa, will launch the company’s vacuum cleaners provide the capabilities of advanced filtration and a large pull with ease of storage when not in use, within wireless devices compact size battery-operated with high efficiency in the use of energy, offers consumers ease of use and performance unparalleled with satisfaction galore with the level of cleanliness of home.

Accumulated LG through its work in the market of vacuum cleaners deep experience as a result of research and analysis is deep, with years of design work diligent to get to the tool small size, high reliability, easy to use and energy efficient and effective for daily use.

The future of the market of vacuum cleaners rich in techniques

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