The Galaxy Note20 Ultra will get on the cover of the protective plated coating antimicrobial


To you today the rumor again about the lineup of Galaxy Note 20 Series coming from Samsung. This rumor is new does not revolve about the gear or the design or the price or launch date, but centered around accessories. As part of its attempt to take advantage of the pandemic COVID-19 continuous, explained the source of the very prestigious that Samsung will be launching a protective covering for the phone Galaxy Note 20 Ultra contains ” antimicrobial coating “.

Show the leaked image above three protective covers in different colors, but because of their presence in the enclosure, we can’t know the money made from them already. Can be a bit of cloth or leather with paint mentioned. We can also see that there is a bar and transparent on the top cover so you can check the time and notifications at a glance.

Unfortunately, did not provide any other information, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens with the ” paint the anti-microbial “.


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