The Galaxy S coming from Samsung will come without the sensor ToF

The company announced the Samsung newly on my phone (Galaxy Note 20) Galaxy Note 20, and(Galaxy Note 20 ultra) Galaxy Note 20 Ultra without sensors, ToF, and now according to a report from South Korea that the next generation of series phones (Galaxy S) will come without this sensor also.

According to the report – published by the site, has decided to Samsung drop sensor of the ToF of the phones (Galaxy S) or (Galaxy s) due to the lack of use cases is sufficient for this technique in the current time.

Besides, the technique of ToF indirect that you use the Samsung less powerful than the technique of ToF direct that you use the Apple TV, which is developed by company Sony, and the company will continue to get them, since Apple has an exclusive deal with the giant Japanese technology.

However, I didn’t take Samsung about this concept until now, and says: the Department of System LSI Business in the company working on the development of the image sensor can improve the technique of ToF indirect. But the company will the Korean giant in the use of it in its smart phones after seeing how to apply apple to provide ToF in their future products in response to market does not.

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