The Galaxy X will come foldable screen area of 7 inches

هاتف Galaxy X سيأتي بشاشة قابلة للطي مساحتها 7 إنشات

It seems that Samsung desperately anxious to be the first technology company launches smart phone foldable, it is supposed to be in the month of January when it launches the Galaxy X through the مؤتمرCES 2019.

Appeared during the last few months many reports that talk about the specifications of the Galaxy X rollaway, but we didn’t get any information about the area of the screen until today, when revealed some leaks that the phone associated with the screen will come its 7 inches when opened.

In addition, the phone will be capable of folding exactly like a wallet and protects the small screen on the backend move to the secondary screen to display notifications when folded.

According to previous, the Samsung plan to put the phone in a limited targeted customers less sensitive to price, which is expected to be available for purchase for about 1500 USD.

Officials from the South Korean company giant to her phone the next Galaxy X will be a revolution in Smartphone design, will be the form of smart phones that we know today.

Even now I don’t know what is the Addendum submitted by the Me Phone of this type, and I don’t know why we may already have a phone capable of folding. What do you think? We shared your perspective in the comments.


The Galaxy X will come foldable screen area of 7 inches was published first in are.

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