The game Dr. Mario World is coming to iOS next month

Announced Nintendo yesterday that the game of Dr. Mario World will be launched for iOS and Android on July 10. Was announced the game for the first time in January, where, according to Nintendo that the game puzzles will be released worldwide during the summer of 2019.

You think the game Dr. Mario World on the same way the game Dr. Mario 1990, and the players matching the capsules colored with various viruses to eliminate them.

I know of

You only need to match three objects of the same color upside down or over to clear it. Here the methods of playing different a variety of strategies to eradicate viruses.

You can register in advance of the game from the Store App Store today. The game is free to download with the operations of the optional purchase within the app. Pointed Nintendo to continuous access to the internet is required, which means that you can’t play Dr. Mario World while not connected to the internet. As it is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

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