The game refuses to the divorce rate of 5%!.. I know why

Warned the British Centre for divorce “Devon schools online” the addiction game “Fortnite/free”, because of its impact on relations between married couples, not to monitor that the 5% who have filed actions for divorce back separation for the game. Due to the land and spend long times in the game.

The addiction of this game, available for PC and smart phones, video games and websites sex online and social networking, are all caused tension between the couple, in the shadow dimension for long periods of communicate realism, what may up relationships to the point of divorce.

Experts stress always on that video game addiction leads to many negative, on her head, strained social relations, lethargy, and patterns of unhealthy eating, the occurrence of problems in vision and hearing, in addition to negative effects on bone, muscle, nerves, stress, maybe it comes to depression.


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