The game Stardew Valley is coming to Android and iOS

لعبة Stardew Valley قادمة على أندرويد و iOS

Published developer Eric Barone also known as “ConcernedApe” a declaration that the game Stardew Valley finally come to mobile phones, noting that it will be released for iOS on October 24 of this month, and the other system Android will need more time, although not identifying a specific date, only that the game is coming.

The game Stardew Valley is a video game type of Farming Simulator, which has achieved outstanding success since the year 2016 on the computers, and I started the game originally as an alternative die for making fan games series Harvest Moon, and your task will be to improve the farm increasingly by growing crops and selling them for money that is urgently needed.

Finally he pointed Eric to the game will be complete, in the sense that they would be matching for almost all women other with change the controls to suit mobile phone screen, as it will be released at a price of 7.99$ with the absence of any internal purchases, as well as support multi-play support import games that are saved from computer to mobile phone.

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