The game Super Mario Mix the 2 up Nintendo Switch in June next

لعبة سوبر ماريو ميكر 2 تصل نينتندو سويتش في يونيو القادم

Announced Nintendo on it will launch the second part of its game “Super Mario Maker 2” for units switch in June the hall, where came the company’s announcement during the presentation of her exclusive through Nintendo Direct, the game with of the advantages and new additions to expand the option to its audience is clear in the construction stages as it appears the promotional offer for the game.

As is clear, the Super Mario Maker 2 upgraded version and to the other ones that were launched in September 2015 and win great popularity and wide; and so the development phases, building as well as share with friends via subscription services such it would be expected, there is also a new addition lies in the possibility to the user to build stage using a finger instead of relying entirely on the electronic pen as it was present in the previous version.

Can be expected as this will be good news for fans of this game which will open the door to challenges again among their friends and in the construction of thousands of hard stages away from the traditional level, just less than 4 months, will the game present what you have to just wait!

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