The game Watch Dogs: Legion apply to gaming devices in 29 of October

Apply in the month of October on the organs of the different games a new version of the series Games Watch Dogs, offering Watch Dogs: Legion on the 29th of October on both the Xbox One and PS4 along with PC.

Offers Game Watch Dogs: Legion new experience with the events of the start in the tunnels and passages below the house with the secret agent of MI-5, after the control group DedSec disruptive on the center of Watch Dogs 2, also with a series of bombings at tourist sites and cultural rights by the mysterious group known as “Zero-Day”.

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Revealed new details about the game Watch Dogs: Legion during the events of Ubisoft’s Forward, which was held recently, where events in the game Watch Dogs: Legion to restore order in the city, and a private security company known as”Albion” the task of restoring order in the city again, with personal Chief Executive Nigel Cass which will be held on the face of the gangs that have proliferated in the city.

Also doesn’t feature The Game Watch Dogs: Legion personality and major events, where it will be on the player’s choice personal will also be recruiting a team limited in the beginning, and you can also add recruits other features more later in the events of the game, where come some of the characters abilities on the run from the police, or completion of other tasks during the progress of the player in the events of the game.

It will also support the first mission in the newest game to find the important elements and iron elements that support the completion of specific tasks in the game, as it will be the player posted items in parts of the city and important sites like the tower of London.

And one of the tasks in the game Watch Dogs: Legion player to delivery to construction sites to search for allies, and doing a hack include to disable the surveillance systems, where the player can control one of the construction workers, were with the drones to the construction site, as the aircraft can drive charges to multi-task in the game, such as moving goods, or moving people in all parts of the city, or directing the plane to comb and control of specific locations.

Also support the game Watch Dogs: Legion feature Files special characters in the game, which showcases the abilities of each character, and determine the control tools, it will also be available to the player the advantage of specialization and technical development in the game, a feature which offers performance better compared to using weapons, as they are less harmful.

Can also the player to finish specific tasks in the game to get on the chance to buy features and new tools in the game, including purchasing functions and tools new drones for example.

It is scheduled to be available for players experience features of the game Watch Dogs: Legion new when released on 29 October on each of the gaming devices Xbox One and PS4, and computers and also Stadia.


I know of

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