The gate Arab News Technical: Huawei is not innocent nor a victim, here’s the full file!

Triggered by the administration of US President Donald Trump the imposition of penalties on the company, Huawei of China and a global uproar, Arab big, do not have community follow-up to the world of business, but this time arrived the noise to a large segment of social network users, who debate and analysis of this step, especially that the sanctions match between the match – Huawei phones operating system Android from Google, which announced that it will be forced to stop its cooperation with the Chinese company; the implementation of American law.

We will in this article in a debate topic in the FAQ, trying to cover all the points that the reader needs to know about the case.

Author: Lance May, the laboratory technical matters, and the affairs of the Android platform.

What is the importance of Huawei?

Know, users of smart phones Huawei as one of the major companies manufacturing mobile phones in the world, but also of the major manufacturers of telecommunications equipment, highlighted the developers of the processing of the fifth generation, to by Nokia of Finland, Ericsson of Sweden.

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The company employs about 80 thousand employees in our research & development unit, and has a huge number of patents, mostly in the area of communications. Up the processing of their to one-third of the world’s population, i.e. there is a high probability that your internet connection is currently, or all of your phone calls. all of which passed through one of the equipment of Huawei at the tower connection, or internet service provider.

Is America the only country that is afraid of China’s use of Huawei as a means to learn?

No! Add to America Prevention Australia and also Australian companies from the cooperation with Huawei to prevent full. While preventing all from New Zealand, Japan, and Britain to prevent partially (to prevent the use of equipment of Huawei within the network to a specific contact, include sensitive information about users, or to allow eavesdropping on communications).

Does the product come for business reasons (fear of competition), and use trade as an argument to it?

No! Trade is a real danger (as we will do later). Naive to think that some of the largest economies of the world such as the United States, Britain, Japan, the company is only one, to keep Huawei from the competition. The aforementioned countries do not even have companies that can be considered suitable for Huawei in terms of its specialization the most important (infrastructure networks).

In fact, if the target is the output of the Huawei competition. possible for the United States to hit Huawei a fatal blow to the sense of the word. Despite the great development achieved by the Huawei but it is like other Chinese companies, still rely heavily on Western technologies, which if I cut about Huawei player is what to the company is just now enthusiasts, andan auction . For example, the processors Huawei to license the designs of processors from the company ARM (British ally of the United States), as well as manufactures its processors, a lot of their brackets e-have to Samsung (and South Korea also a strong ally of the United States). In case there was a conspiracy to take out Huawei from the competition enough to cut these services for them. In addition to Samsung manufactured the Huawei part of their brackets have TSM Taiwan, which the United States has pressed also; to own the Taiwanese company a large market in the United States.

In 2017, issued Trump’s decision to prevent American companies from dealing with ZTE Corporation of China; because of the wrap on the sanctions imposed on Iran. And because the ZTE rely on the chipset Qualcomm American in 70% of the phones stopped production of the company, and lost a million dollars through the days, almost declare bankruptcy lol seek Chinese mainland has Trump, he promised the police not to resort to celebrate once again. Of course Huawei is much greater than the ZTE, but this example shows that Chinese companies need to Western technology, even if the topic is the fear of competition, I’d take the United States of the methods of the toughest.

Are fears of China’s use of Huawei as a way to are the risks real?

Yes! China has a long history of cyber espionage, the theft of information. Where accused of hacking into government institutions, American and international. Has finally classified by a number of institutions, digital security – it’s now more dangerous than Russia in the field of cyber attacks, government-sponsored state-sponsored attacks.

China is speeding up – and organization – patent.

Funny thing is, China does not deny that, as held in the year 2015 agreement with the United States relating to the cessation of the care to steal the patent, which is a tacit recognition of its own acts. We should not ignore the fact that China is an authoritarian state, the ruling state-party, the individual fact, the companies there are forced to implement the orders of the Chinese intelligence.

But don’t say the United States trade too? What is this skill?

It’s probably the most frequently asked questions. The answer quite simply is yes, but there’s a difference:

– Only available information we have from Snowden’s leaks, which included leaked full list of keywords, which asked the NSA (the American national security) of the companies filtered, the experiment included Control words relating to terrorism (such as mail bomb the Mail Bomb, protect the VIP, VIP Protection, information warfare Information Warfare, etc.). Does not seem, according to Snowden’s leaks that the United States use American companies for purposes of provoking disorders in the world and in other states, or to steal patents from other countries, or spy on business deals, Economic, all of which are things to do China, will make them stronger if they are given it. Notice I don’t say that the United States is not open to the unrest, saying only that it is not used to American companies – like Google, or Apple TV – tool for this purpose, according to our information and requests.

– Free Press: in the United States Free Press, the visit Snowden published by American newspapers. Dissemination of the leaks led to the adoption of corporate reserves strong, discovered that all conversations instant with End-to-end-encryption, where the same companies (Google, or Apple, or Facebook like) Can’t see the content of the conversation, and own it, then they are not able to provide information to the CIA, if requested to do so. I know that a lot of non-specialists the technique of laughing at this speech; the lack of technical knowledge, not only they do, but it is real.

This does not mean that the United States will not use the trade electronic. But my information and your information is more secure in Google’s or Apple in a Chinese company, where no limits and no accountability, nor fight, nor the press, nor grieve.

Does this mean the resolution that the United States has hit the free market, the laws of trade and competition global view the wall?

I don’t disagree that the protection policy of Protectionism that followed by Trump is very serious, and stupid already, but when we talk about China it seems that enough is enough. for the democracy of the West, as if China hits a lot of conventions World Trade (signed by) display wall.

I don’t share the same Chinese conventions and ethics of Free Trade. Where you continuously reject lawsuits on foreign companies operating in China, these suits be on the grounds of fraud, but its true purpose is to force companies to disclose part of its technologies, which are considered trade secrets to benefit China in turn of these techniques. It also does not give companies the western area of the investment itself, that is given by local businesses, contrary to the agreements of the World Trade Organization, while the company opened the Western doors of Chinese investment on the shutters since 2001 (the date of China’s accession to the WTO), and Chinese investment in the west into question and scrutiny only recently.

With full reservations and default policies Trump the economy, the imposition of fees on Chinese goods and European cuisine, and crush it, only that China is not a victim of where you must also respect the laws of global trade, and show that they want to be a player (naturally) is sexy to the problems in the world.

You already proved that Huawei is spying through the processing of the contact with it?

According to many reports had proved the existence of many gaps, Gates, background, in some of the equipment of Huawei, but did not prove that the company (or the Chinese government) have exploited these gaps, the objectives of the spy. According to a report published by Bloomberg last month, it was announced Vodafone the British they found the gates of the wallpaper in some of the connection fittings, which are used by the company Huawei, and between 2009 and 2011, the company did not know about it at the time, and fixes the gaps, where they reported that the replacement of the infected machines would be an expensive process.

According to the institutions of the British security – some mandated by government or telecommunications companies examine the equipment of Huawei, periodically (since 2005) – the Huawei’s products filled the gaps of the software, which can be adapted by pirates, and converted to the gates of the wallpaper, where can these gaps that look like it will the regular, which doesn’t get rid of them software usually, which hackers can find them (by accident), and tapped in doesn’t make it look like it’s planted deliberately.

Huawei itself has recognized the gaps in their organs, and promised to invest a billion dollars to improve and develop its software, and security.

One of the bodies of the electronic intelligence of the British said that it was found 70 copies of four different versions of the protocol Openssl communications, within one of the equipment of Huawei. This protocol is considered a standard in the world of communication, which is secure to a large extent, but I always find a loophole in it, and it happens continuously, it is exciting that there is in some Huawei devices and different versions of it, some old. And no one knows if all this was due to the negligence of the software, and prepare in the sale of devices, or that it is planted intentionally, but it is suspicious significantly.

Why is the fifth generation of the communication is the main engine for the western end of the Huawei?

The fifth generation considerable development in the field of communications, not just high speed internet connection that it provides, it is designed specifically for the Internet of things. Will the adoption of the fifth generation to build a smart city, where everything will be connected to the internet, ranging from cars and traffic lights, and the end of the surveillance cameras. How can the fifth generation devices to communicate with each other directly, (imagine traffic lights adjustment of its work automatically, according to its instant traffic, via a set of sensors with it, and then communicate with the traffic lights the other; for additional information, or to imagine that self-driving cars will become able to communicate with each other; optimize the traffic, avoid accidents).

This is just one example of the application of the fifth generation, now imagine a country like China has had access to accurate, real-time movement of cars in City West, with the possibility of monitoring and follow-up context specific, and its owner and his. It’s a terrifying scenario, isn’t it?

The idea of the fifth generation that exits the Internet of its centrality, it is no longer the internet exists in Plesk specific fear of penetration, it is present everywhere around us, in all things, the starting of the car and the end of the imposition of a microwave oven. For this reason you want the United States also urged its allies not to use Huawei equipment of the fifth generation.

Let’s of the fifth generation, what the fate of the Huawei after Android?

Google, like other US companies, is not a position contrary to U.S. law and then was forced to announce the cessation of the granting of a license to use Android in its phones new, but here we should clarify some things:

– Android is an open source system, and therefore is entitled to Huawei continue using it regardless of the penalties.

– What is not eligible for use it is Google services. This means they can’t provide the phones future Store apps Google, nor any of the Google apps such as YouTube, or maps. The worst of it: a lot of Android apps non-Google, used behind-the-scenes services provided by Google, such as determining the site such as, or service to send notifications via the servers of Google, this means that a lot of apps won’t work on Huawei phone by the Android open source, non-Google services.

– Huawei evolution since years own operating system, but we don’t know anything about it yet. May be its system based on the version of the open source of Android, it may not be. Also owns Huawei already has a app store of its own. But very unlikely to check the Huawei phones no success outside of Google. In the end there are giant companies have lost the competition, and went out of the smartphone market, most notably Microsoft. Even BlackBerry, which was a winning succumbed and moved to Android in the end.

The operating system is not everything, even if developed Huawei the best operating system in the world, but the most important is the services surrounding the operating system. Will not work Huawei including failed Microsoft majesty of. That’s for sure!

The second problem is that it’s not the operating system alone, where the company intends to Huawei on many of the other pieces in the manufacture of its phones and its from American companies. Of these pieces of memory modules, strips, and connection to 3G and LTE, and some camera parts, etc. After that the company announced the ARM today to stop its cooperation with Huawei, the company threatened seriously to stop the production of the phones, unless you find alternatives, it is difficult, and high costs.

Do I have to take my phone home in the trash?

Wait, Don’t rush! The U.S. government issued a decision allowing corporate America tostarto deal with Huawei for a period of three months, you will be able to through the use of your phone normally, including the independence of the updates. It is also possible to reach agreement during this period leads to a return to normalcy.

In case you fancy to an agreement, you will be able to continue using your current phone as normal, but will stop the arrival of the updates of the new Android you. If you are thinking about buying a new phone this period, absolutely do not buy a Huawei!

Does it include a resolution other Chinese companies such as Shaw or Lenovo’s?

Not currently, but the door is open! President Trump issued two resolutions, the first one didn’t happen in China or Huawei, but only indicated the risks to US National Security, which described the recognition of foreign, and attempts to spy on the United States, through the planting and exploitation of gaps in the devices of digital technology. Then after that, select Huawei by name in a later decision. This means that the possibilities remain open to add other companies to the Black List.

What is the fate of the American companies that manufactures its devices in China?

There’s nothing to stop them from continuing their work, I think it is unlikely that China, although a decision to Trump the decision of another, prevents Chinese companies from dealing with American companies. The Chinese government aware that their companies desperately need the US technology. China is in fact moving to the lull, and try to solve it, not escalate it; because Escalation is not in their favor.

Why not resort Western states simply to the competition for Huawei, like Nokia and Ericsson; to operate the fifth-generation networks without all the fuss?

Company contact West need to buy Huawei. Head of Vodafone warned that the Prevention of Huawei will lead to delay adopting the technology of fifth generation for at least a year, and at much higher cost. The idea is that the Huawei compete with Western companies in terms of capacity and possibilities as soon as the processing of the fifth generation, represented by the implementation of mega projects skillfully and cost less. It is simply the number of companies capable of installing the networks of the fifth generation is relatively low, i.e. demand is more than supply basis, even with a Huawei. Global telecommunication companies want to install and run the fifth-generation networks by competitors; in order to be a leader in this market, it does not brook any delay.

You are expected to tell Europe the Prevention of Huawei, too?

Not strictly complete, but some European countries actually prevent the installation of equipment of Huawei in network security-sensitive. The United States had threatened Germany to cease intelligence cooperation with them in the case awarded Huawei contracts to run the network of the fifth generation. Some states may respond with the United States in whole or in part. But this will be limited to the processing of communications only, and will not include preventing the sale of phones. But there are not yet decisions of the European clear or definitive in this regard.

Would you take Europe the opportunity to inhibit the Huawei with the aim of supporting companies in their local?

This is very unlikely. According to a report published by the newspaper The Economist Europe make a large profit from their trade in the Chinese market, the boom companies contact European won’t come back what you may lose Europe, if China decided to respond freely trade with them. Not to mention that the exclusion of Huawei will delay asking the fifth generation in Europe specialized originally estimated 3 to 4 years for the United States in the spread of fourth generation! She also described the Press that the house is full to Huawei in Europe would be catastrophic, because about 200 CD player for the fourth in the continent intends to equip and Huawei, and the company means to stop maintaining and updating this equipment.

Any chance for love?

There is hope to find a solution. Huawei, for its part said it is ready to provide all possible cooperation with the United States government to resolve the issue. And it seems that the United States aimed at the destruction of Huawei as much as you want to ensure its national security, and the evidence reviewed earlier about the penalties of ZTE Corporation, having pledged in collaboration. I expect that if the United States managed to obtain assurances from its European allies not to use the equipment of Huawei in network security-sensitive, and Prevention companies to contact us use the equipment of the Huawei fifth generation, it can refuse to complete prohibition, and things go back the way for investment of Huawei in the field of smart phones. In the case did not reach a solution, you may not see a new phone from Huawei, at least outside the Chinese market.

But this is not enough, I must say the Chinese government is also providing pledges and promises to desist from using its as a tool for development, and to stop being a rogue state.

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