The GeForce GTX 1050 3GB was more mysterious beast than it was possible to assume earlier

So, Nvidia still did it. Today she introduced a GeForce GTX 1050 with 3 GB of memory. And, judging by the emergence of a global website, it will be available in all markets.

Let’s try to understand what kind of a beast. The first thing you need to know — GTX 1050 3GB is, rather, a GTX 1050 Ti. Here is such a paradox, Yes.

The point is that the novelty of 768 CUDA cores as the GTX 1050 Ti, whereas the regular GTX 1050 — 640 cores. Why is the new card not received name GTX 1050 Ti 3GB, we can only guess. The second important point is the frequency of the new adapter is higher than the other two representatives of the ruler. In this case the GPU is working at frequencies 1392/1518 MHz and the memory at 7 GHz. Although we all know that clock speeds of modern Nvidia — relative concept.

Now to the cons of the product. If you think that the GTX 1050 Ti minus a gig of memory, plus frequency, it is only partly true. The problem is that the tire of the novelty, 96-bit, and other models — 128 bit. With the same memory frequency, this means that the bandwidth is reduced by a quarter, to 84 GB/s, and it is essential. We can assume that it eliminates the increase to 1 GB on a normal GTX 1050 in most games.

But do not forget that there is more CUDA cores and higher frequency. Therefore, I venture to suggest, in many games the novelty will be closer to the older map, but exceptions will be those projects that are just sensitive to memory bandwidth. In the end, all decide price, although, of course, is to wait for the first tests to confirm or deny guesses about performance.

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