The GeForce GTX 1180 will present on August 30, and GTX 1170 — a month later

First, let’s talk about the new data about the announcement of Nvidia’s next generation. According to the source, on 30 August the company will present flagship GeForce GTX 1180, September 30 will show a GTX 1170, October 30 — GTX 1160.

A source allegedly performs an internal document from Nvidia, but, of course, treat information with skepticism. On the other hand, about the same time said other recent leaks.

I would also note that the source says about the announcement of 30 September graphics cards GTX and GTX 1170 1180+. What is meant by the latter, not the faintest idea. Nvidia does not use those designations, though, of course, everything happens for the first time. The strange thing is that the GTX 1180+ will represent, together with the GTX 1180, and not sometime in the future, a month after the conditional card. Perhaps this is some sort of overclocked version with selected chips, but it is extremely unlikely we are talking about a 1180 GTX Ti under a different name. In General, look.

Also recently, the Network appeared leaks about the test results of the GTX 1170.

As you can see in the diagram the performance map is allegedly on the level just above the GTX 1080 Ti. Cool, but there are doubts. First, (3DMark) has identified the card correctly, which is weird considering she announced. Secondly, determines the frequency of the GPU at 2500 MHz! Of course, it just might be a mistake due to the incorrect recognition by the application adapter, but still kinda shady. In General, the hope for such a result, but in reality, I think, is a bit weaker.

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