The GeForce GTX 1180 will receive 3584 CUDA cores and 16 GB of memory with a frequency of 12 GHz

Many of you must be waiting for new Nvidia cards. Yes, initially we will clearly show only the top adapters that will be able to buy a few. But later there will be more available news.

When they announce a card, is still unknown. This should happen in the next couple of months. But now the network appeared the details about the flagship graphics card. I note that this kind of leak by itself looks strange, but the source is a reputable site. Just in case keep in mind the fact that data may be incorrect.

So, the GeForce GTX 1180, namely so will be called the new king, will be based on the 12-nanometer GPU GV104. It will contain 3584 CUDA kernel. It is exactly the same as the GTX 1080 Ti. But it is worth remembering different architectures. By the way, about them later will be discussed separately.

Also, the new graphics adapter will get 224 texture units and 64 ROP unit. There will be 16 GB of GDDR6 memory bus-256 bits. The GPU will work at frequencies 1405-1582 MHz, and the memory will be marked with the frequency 12 GHz! This will give a bandwidth of 384 GB/s, which is, however, not a record. The adapter will consume 200 watts of power and will require dopisanie (8+6). The reference card will take two slots, and at length will have a total of 267 mm, which is slightly. The source also says about the ports HDMI and DisplayPort (x3).

Now about the architecture. First, the GPU is called GV104. As you know, Nvidia is always in the names of the graphics processor encodes the name of the architecture. In this case, V is Vendetta… ugh, Volta. Secondly, the source itself indicates that the architecture of the chip — Volta. This I mean that numerous sources somehow, learning about the names Ampere and Turing began to specify that the new card will have a GPU of the same architecture. But, sorry, Volta debuted only last year. Nvidia is simultaneously developed three different architectures? Yes, this can not be. Ampere and Turing, if such names will really be used will define the generation, but not architecture. In General, it is interesting only to those who are deep into technical issues.

Now let me make another point. We already have one paleotropical video card generation Volta — Titan V. Yes, it is fun, but not the question. She has 5120 CUDA cores, while GTX 1180 — “only” 3584 cores. For comparison, the Titan Xp and GTX 1080 — 3840 and 2560 cores respectively. What is the difference in percentage is almost identical, but in absolute terms it is huge. Let’s see what happens in the games. In any case, for $ 3,000, the Titan V can afford few.

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