“The generosity of Sol” signed an agreement to establish a solar power plant worth $ 90 million

Signed company honored for solar power “Vine Sol” Karm Solar agreement to generate and distribute electricity from solar energy worth $ 90 million, with the company “Cairo’s rich er poultry”, one of the companies of the group “Kairo rich er” Cairo 3A, the famous Egyptian in the field of Agriculture and grain.

And “the generosity of Sol”, the public interest in the field of generating electricity from solar energy, under the agreement, the work of the solar power plant to generate the electricity needed to run the first and largest project of poultry in the Bahariya Oasis, which is owned by “Cairo’s rich er poultry, besides connecting the company’s projects the company’s main electricity company, investment in the construction of sub-stations solar power.

The company “Vine Sol” is the first private sector companies, owns the license for distribution of electric power in Egypt, and the draft of its current electricity-saving card 23.5 MW group Dakahlia governorate, the generation and distribution of energy capacity of 20 MW to buy the pillars of the plaza, in addition to its projects with companies double sided and the Financial Group “Hermes” and others.

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