The Giants of tech are racing to create computing device large following after the smartphone

Bet some of the biggest players in the technology industry, including Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, augmented and virtual reality.

Although virtual reality glasses VR enhanced AR far from being as ubiquitous as the smartphone, only that the head of Qualcomm, Cristiano Amon Cristiano Amon, believes that smart glasses that sophisticated look like glasses daily May is only two years.

Said the head of the largest company for the manufacture chips mobile phones: will not replace your phone, but you will have a different type of hardware.

Spent the Silicon Valley giants the last few years in trying to discover the next major development in computing.

Bought Facebook Inc’s virtual reality startups Oculus VR in 2014, compared to $ 2 million, and launched the since then a variety of virtual reality glasses with different price.

As I started Microsoft recently shipped the second generation of augmented reality glasses HoloLens, which cost 3500 dollars.

While it is said that the Apple TV system developed by the virtual reality enhanced, which can be launched by the year 2022.

This provides Apple’s tools for developers to create applications for augmented reality devices, iPhone, computers, iPad tablets, has spoken CEO, Tim Cook, Tim Cook, about the potential of AR on multiple occasions.

Announced Amazon also about the system of its smart Echo Frames, which allows you to communicate with the assistant police audio Alexa Alexa of through it.

But despite its promise, the system of virtual reality enhanced is not yet a trend has users.

Usually shipments of virtual reality devices and enhanced to growth in the first quarter of 2019, after a year of decline.

It is expected that shipments of AR glasses and VR in growth throughout the year 2019, although the market research company IDC IDC said most of this growth is expected to come from enterprises, not consumer sales.

It is believed the president of the company Qualcomm that a whole new wave of smart glasses could be on the horizon, which looks much more natural than virtual reality glasses current.

It is suggested that these glasses will play an important role in the way we communicate and access the internet and use of social media, which is the most important use cases of smart phones today.

Said Amon: smart glasses can be used to identify the people in the meeting, and communications to the cloud, find the present within the social networks.

It is considered teleconferencing is another area likely to benefit from devices such as smart glasses, so that it can display the avatars for the caller in front of the wearer of the glasses of augmented reality.

This will be possible proliferation of smart glasses thanks to the launch of 5G networks, which are expected to provide connections to the High Performance important for devices such as AR glasses and VR.

Given that the 5G networks will allow for gadgets to maintain fast internet connections, reliable, and will perform most of the processing in the cloud, which allows companies to create devices thinner and lighter wearable devices today.

Predicts president of Qualcomm that early versions of smart glasses that supports these capabilities may begin arriving in 2021, he stressed that this is not just ambitious, there are people working on it, currently there are some models that don’t believe.

Recall that is likely to lead smart glasses equipped with cameras and the possibility to connect the cloud to a backlash among privacy advocates, especially since the technology companies are subject to more scrutiny in terms of how to collect and manage consumer data.

And reviewed system Google’s experimental augmented reality Google Glass, announced in 2013 to the criticism of many because of fears of the possibility of using the camera to record video and audio in a manner that violates privacy.

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