The glitch causes the camera off on your phone the Google Pixel 3


Not phones Nexus from Google Inc. well-known never with a camera. In fact, there have been many Nexus devices which had cameras very bad, but Google has worked to improve this aspect in phones the Google Pixel. Unfortunately, it now appears that because of the glitch what can no longer features Google Pixel 3 camera use.

There have been many reports in the forum of the official Google and on social network Reddit which outlined many of the features Google Pixel 3 that during operation of the camera, show them a blank screen. The only available solution for users to now is to restart the phone to reset the camera to normal, although we imagine how this could be uncomfortable.

It also seems that this bug appears when users try to run the camera via apps, like the Android Messages and Facebook applications designed to read the codes of quick response QR Code. When it comes to love, has revealed one of the users on the social network Reddit that one of the support staff at Google Inc asked to reset his phone to factory settings, but it seems that this method also does not solve the problem.

Why do you think Google after this problem formally, so it is still not clear whether the provision of the reform already. In the meantime, is available on the Google Pixel 3 using the camera via the camera application official rather than through third-party applications. Some users of the lucky ones approved by Google to replace their units, so you can try it also if your device is affected by the same problem.



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