The Gmail app for Android gets Night mode ” Dark Mode “

Gmail for android

Looks like 2019 that General black in the history of operating systems, mobile devices if we take into account the fact that the two platforms Android and iOS Get night mode ” Dark Mode ” at the operating system level completely. Not only that, my company, Apple and Google are busy also working on adding Night mode ” Dark Mode ” for applications of them.

The latest application gets Night mode ” Dark Mode ” is the Gmail app for the Android, but don’t celebrate it now. This situation still need further work, although it appears random to people who are using the latest version of the app.

At the present time, there is night mode ” Dark Mode ” only in the settings of Gmail app. You don’t get it in the main window or in the sidebar, sadly. Also, it seems to be turned on and off when he wants it, and you do not have any control over it because there is no option to activate or disable the night mode.

We hope to Work Company Google strives to turn this into a night mode for Gmail, and version in the near future or when is the launch of the Android Q in the month of August at the latest. It will be sad for you phones Google Pixel activation of the night mode at the operating system level to fully create basic applications that come with the system still does not support this mode.


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