The Gmail app for Android now supports the “mode speed”

تطبيق Gmail على أندرويد يدعم الآن "الوضع السري"

Added a re-design of Google big application Gmail “Gmail” and earlier this year, a handful of new features, one of the most prominent of these advantages is the situation Secret “Confidential Mode”, for its part, did not receive the application in the Android platform all tools Gmail new including this situation, but was asking that the situation today across the server, thus will reach users gradually.

In respect of the possibility to take advantage of this situation, it gives on the receiver to make any adjustments in the message, such as copied or forwarded, downloaded or printed and is a very useful feature when sending sensitive information via email, as well as its ability in determining the period of validity of the message and destroy itself by the time that was previously specified, until the closing message with a password.

For users of Gmail of others, show these emails in Gmail like the other letters, as for e-mail accounts for non-Google, will get the recipient a link to open the email in the web portal is secure.

تطبيق Gmail على أندرويد يدعم الآن "الوضع السري"

Finally send confidential email in the app, start creating a new email as always, there is a new option in the overflow menu at the top labeled “Secret mode”, after selecting it, it asks you Gmail choose the expiry time and whether a passcode is required to open the message or not, you can always change your mind and remove the settings speed or change it before sending the e-mail.

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