The goal of Bitcoin is to get rid of clutter in the economy after the Fiat money

Journalist and cryptoanalysis Max Keiser participated in the conference Labitconf, which was held in Uruguay. The expert voiced a few thoughts on the current state of the cryptocurrency market and called their main prospects in the scale of the Latin American region.

Bitcoin better than the dollar?

The emerging markets are exactly what’s needed for crypt, says Kaiser. In such an environment of digital assets, there is a huge potential for development, as many people in economically unstable regions need independent financial asset.

The expert noted that the mission of Bitcoin is to clean the “mess” that is left behind the traditional economy.

Inherent Vietnam money violence must be replaced by the peaceful nature of Bitcoin.

Max Kaiser. Source: CNBC

On the other hand, Kaiser also mentioned the growing concern of the politicians of the rapid increase in the adoption of Bitcoin worldwide. The economist referred to the words of Congressman brad Sherman. We will remind, in July of last year, Sherman is very harshly criticized digital assets and proposed to ban them in the jurisdiction of the United States of America.

According to Kaiser, all of this is due to the key properties of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the currency of a global revolution and a nightmare for traditional money.

In addition, the expert noticed one interesting fact: whatever the major financial regulators, they receive funding at the expense of Fiat. So in this situation, kryptonitetm unlikely to have to rely on the goodwill of the state.

However, in some countries, the crypt and the blockchain are gradually introducing in the economy. Recently it became known that the German Parliament allowed local banks to buy and sell cryptocurrency, subject to obtaining a special license. So it is not excluded that in the near future we will test the prediction of max Kaiser on the practice.

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