The Google App Family Link is now available for users in European countries


The company Google in the past year to issue the application calls the Google Family Link, but this application was limited to the United States of America in the beginning. Then expand slowly to other countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, the good news for our readers in Europe is that it seems that the Google App Family Link is now available also in Europe.

As explained by the site Android Police, there was no official announcement but it seems that the launch of the application in Europe is part of the commitment of Google to the laws of the European Union. In the case if heard on the application of the Family Link for the first time, it gives users the ability to manage the type of application that their children can use, and they can approve the apps that their children can download from the Google Play Store and its. Parents will also able to figure out how long their children on their mobile devices and applications, as well as identifying the daily limits.

There is even the option to select “sleep time | Bedtime ” which will be the closure of the remote phone when the time comes for your kids to do something else, like study, do their homework, people, etc from other things. While the application has been created Family Link to the Android devices, the Google company also last year issued a copy of this app on the iOS platform where parents can use iOS devices of their own also for in their Android devices to their children.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any information about the time it would take the Google Family Link to reach other areas around the world, thus people who are in countries not supported, they can’t help but wait at the moment.



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