The Google app for Android has been given a carousel of search queries

Despite the fact that Google since there’s an eponymous app search engine, most of us still prefer to not use them, and the web version. In the end, the browser more opportunities to interact with tabs, and history of previous queries. But Google has decided that more can not continue, and took up an upgrade interface devices search app to make it more attractive to users.

To Google has become more convenient for everyday use, the developers decided to start small. They suffered a history of previous queries directly beneath the search bar. With this solution users will be able to quickly access information that you’ve searched for previously and which may have needed them again. It will be enough to spin the carousel of queries and, after selecting, tap on it with your finger.

Google Update

At the moment the carousel of queries in Google are formed only of those queries you’ve made on this device. They are not synchronized with either a desktop web browser or mobile. In my opinion, it is not very convenient, especially when you consider that Google wants to make the same application functional analogue of the web browser that users don’t sample often largely due to synchronization with other devices.

This innovation is part of Google update for 10.7, however, as it usually happens with apps the search giant, is spreading gradually and may be available not to all users. So if you haven’t received the update, we recommend you to wait. Most likely, it will be available within the next few days or weeks. Google is testing the update in a limited user audience, so that in case discovering problems you do not declare a program of mass opinion.

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Application: Google
Developer: Google LLC
Category: Tools
Price: Free
Download: Google Play
Application already interested in: 75 people

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