The Google Drive application up to a million download on the Android

Google Drive

Supposed to be up the Google Drive application at some time during this week to million download on Android phones to be that the second product of Google of up to a million users after Android, Chrome, youtube, maps, Gmail and play.

Google announced last year that its service for cloud storage Google Drive stimulate more than 2 trillion file and used by about 800 million active users. Since then Google has made the development of its service cloud and direct it more to the corporate sector through the introduction of tools such as Drive File Stream and Team Drives, as regular users on the advantages such as sync and backup.

While the Google Drive application on Android comes pre-installed but many users do not activate it and use it.

It is worth mentioning that all subscribers of this service receive 15 GB of space storage for free, as the average user can get additional space starts from 100 GB to 30 TB , for your monthly.

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