The Google Duo now supports iPad

تطبيق Google Duo يدعم الآن أجهزة الآيباد

It took Google a few years to expand the suite my application video calls our Duo to support the device, but after that it now has there is nothing to prevent it, where after you enable the users to make video calls on multiple devices, including Android devices tablet, the Duo now from the iPhone to the iPad also.

Using version 39 of the application, you can download the Google Duo App from the App App Store on the iPad, and will be located in the vertical position in addition to the landscape, the latter similar to those that you get on Android tablet with the list of side your contacts.

Finally is not registered version 39 from the Duo so far on Android, so I don’t know if there was a change and new additions, but you can benefit from the support of tablet devices and the interface to the spin-off on version 38, which was available for a period of time.

Download application Google Duo on the iPad.

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