The Google Find My Device is now able to locate devices in some buildings

Google Find My Device

Are features like Find My iPhone from Apple and Find My Device from the Google company great in locating your devices lost or stolen, but the problem lies in that they not only provide the location of General Office of the compatibility of your device. This means that if your device is lost in a mall or in school, it will be shown that it exists in the mall or school, but you’ll have to pinpoint its exact location to yourself.

However, the good news for Android users is that in case if you lose your phone inside a building, it seems that Google has updated the feature of Find My Device with the possibility of locating the lost device inside the building. Thanks to the work of Google on the mapping of the interior over the past years allowing it to now provide more accurate information on lost or stolen devices.

However, it will not be providing this feature in all the buildings because they will need to support the map of the interior so the exact amount, which means that if you don’t know the service of Google Maps indoor maps for this match in particular, you will be back to where you were before. According to Google, it must be that this feature works accurately in airports, commercial centers, buildings, and other major, but as we have said, would support, depending on whether the indoor maps is supported or not, so experience may vary from one user to another.

You can find these changes in the latest version of the application Find My Device, so if you do not update this app already, and he moved up to the Google Play Store to get the newest update.



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