The Google Lens: decompose any image into texts things

According to a new report from the website 9to5google the application of Google’s Lens has added a very important new feature in the update beta last which allows users to use the app in the search within the existing images already on your smartphone without having to take new photos. Water was her experience through the app itself and through the use of artificial intelligence Google Assistant.

The new feature through an icon appear for the first time that you add a photo from your phone to identify the existing things out and find out more information about them in addition to the analysis of existing texts and translate it immediately through the service of Google Translate.

And the water was possible earlier through the Google Photos but this is the first time that the user will be able to use one application to complete the task. We call this feature in the next update of the Google app Lens which you can find easily on the Google Play Store you can also find out the arrival of water through the description of the update that appears on the App Store and contains the most important plugins.

And Google a lot to work on artificial intelligence techniques and developed a techniques that are useful in many artificial intelligence Google at Pointe and a number of other applications from Google Lens.

And benefit Google also of artificial intelligence techniques in special applications camera which comes recently exclusively for pixels where the supports phones Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL the latest from the company a number of advantages that rely on artificial intelligence among them to choose the best image if any body when shooting photography night with the lighting of the picture automatically and also improved image quality when zooming in the Optical, which destroys the picture quality.

The Google has developed a new service working on under the name of the Project Stream which will be one of the services broadcast games will be through the Chrome browser of Google to compete with services similar to the other both services PlayStation Now from Sony or give NAO from Nvidia, and also Microsoft, which revealed a service X Cloud new broadcast year the Xbox One across any platform even if your smartphone.

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