The Google Maps application for Android may soon get the ability to customize icons car navigation

Google Maps for ios

Because the mapping Service Google Maps and the Android under the umbrella of the Google company, it makes sense to say the latter provide new features for Android from the Google Maps application first. However, this is not the case, at least not for some of the features, in the month of May, the company Google launched a new feature for Google Maps on the iOS platform allows users to customize the icons development.

Allowed users to choose the icon of their own development where they can replace the blue arrow several types of colorful cars. Now according to the process of dismantling the site 9to5Google for APK application Google Maps for Android, it seems that this feature will also apply Google Maps on the Android platform in the future. As you can see in the image below, the first future of the Google Maps application for Android will bring with him those icons that are enjoyed by users of iOS.


In addition to customize the icons of development, reveals the process of dismantling the APK file also from the feature promised by the company, Google is actually at its annual conference for developers Google I/O 2018 earlier this year. This feature is ” planning group | Group Planning ” where you can long press on the places that you care to add to the brief list you can share it with your friends or family. They can then add more places to the list and vote on them. Once you come to a decision with, you can use Google Maps to focus and find a ride to the Office. We don’t have currently any information about the date of issuance of these features for Google Maps for Android, but we expect that not to delay it too much.



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